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I like the look of both the Bobber and the Bobber Black. I鈥檝e been drooling over them for almost a year now. I went for the BB in the end because I like the mean look of the front end. They are both the coolest looking bikes in my opinion 馃槑

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I jumped on my Bobber as soon as it was available. Personally, I don't like the look of the little fat front tire on the Bobber Black. There are a couple of nice upgrades on the Bobber Black (LED headlight, upgraded shocks, cruise control, twin disk brakes). The headlight on the Bobber works great, so I don't have any great desire to get an LED headlight, the shocks would be a nice upgrade as my Bobber can get a bit rough at times, I already have cruise control on my Bobber, and being a single seater bike I think twin disks are probably a bit of overkill - I ride my bike pretty hard and have never had a need for better brakes.
So, no, I don't think I would swap my Bobber for a Bobber black. :)

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I bought the bobber black a couple months ago.
I like the blacked out look and the beefed up
options. I also love the bobber with the different
colors. But for me at the buffet line I always wished I had
picked something different. It was was easy with the "BB",
shinny or dull, easy decision.
As far as the cruise control goes, am I the only one
that uses it for auto pilot? Sometimes I do stuff that
I need both hands while cruising down the road.
Go ahead and call me stupid, I don't mind.
I dont do "Indian Larry" tricks, but it does cross my mind.
I don't push my opinion, its great to be free...

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CC is the best way to keep your license in the UK, with loads of average speed cameras as well as fixed cameras...
I second this... lots of average speed cameras around these days for which the cc comes in very handy. Having said that I do still use it when cruising on B roads and not looking to fly along. Sometimes it鈥檚 just nice to relax and not work the bike. Also... when looking to rest you right hand for a moment it鈥檚 great... as opposed to having to weight to be riding down hill!

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I own a green 17 original. But I also own a harley 48 with the fat front tire. Would I purchase a black. yes. I also would not part with my original bike. I own 13 street bikes, and another one or ten is never going to bother me. Maybe I should get one with a side car??

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Good question. To the OP.
And some very interesting answers.

My thoughts, from someone that is still Bobberless, unfortunately.

In my short, 13yr, career of riding I鈥檝e only had sport bikes, and was never even interested in 鈥榗ruiser鈥 styled bikes.
I always thought they were too big/heavy and I love the speed and performance that, I thought, a cruiser could not fulfill.
I have ridden a few cruisers and thought when I was finally ready to 鈥榮low down鈥 I would settle for a VRod or M109R.

Fast fwd to the release of the Bobber, I automatically fell in love with this machine just on looks alone. I must have read/watched every single review on it and once I found out that it also had some performance capabilities, I was sold!
Alas, I wasn鈥檛 financially ready and thought I would get one later down the line whether new or used.
Then, Triumph drops the BB. I quickly went from want to NEED this bike.
Funny thing is, I鈥檓 still not really interested cruisers and don鈥檛 even like ALL black colored bikes (just a safety thing for me on the streets). Being I have a love for hotrods and restomods, the Bobber and more so BB just do it for me.

To, sort of, answer the question..... I would love have the original Bobber, but do think the BB is just a bit more icing on the cake.:wink2:

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I think both versions look very cool in their own way. The 19" front wheel on the original reminds me of the classic Triumphs of the 60s-70s, which is nice. But the Bobber Black definitely has a meaner, more sinister and stout look to my eyes. I've also seen several standards with engine covers that were corroding within 12-18 months which is a huge bummer when you've got a bike that new. There's really no comparison regarding the front brakes. Brakes are extremely important to me and I've spent too much money in my life upgrading weak brakes, so I decided long ago I'd never buy another machine without high grade brakes, including dual rotors. Again though, I totally understand others who choose the standard because there's a lot about it that's really cool and classic-looking. Some of the colors are very attractive and I've considered buying a spare tank in silver/green or Morelo Red just to play around.

As for the cruise control, I never wanted or thought I'd use cruise ...until I had it. Even on my Bobber Black I occasionally take a 200+ mile trip involving some highway riding and it is definitely very nice to have when you want it. Besides, what's the downside? An extra button that's barely noticeable? Come on.


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Each to their own - that's what makes life interesting, different people liking different things.

Personally I'm not the least bit interested in the Black. For me the smaller front wheel and fat tyre looks like it's trying to look like a Harley (and that's the last thing I'd want) and the twin discs look too modern for the style of the rest of the bike. That said, I can see the attraction to the improved braking - something I intend to improve with the Brembo kit. One of the best things about the Bobber for me is the 19" front wheel and the sharp tip into corners it encourages.

I have cruise control on my original Bobber and reckon it's a really handy addition but wouldn't base my bike purchasing decision on it. I've had all black cars and bikes in the past too and I'm over the look, I reckon Triumph nailed the design and classic paint schemes with the original.
But that's just me - if you love the Black and that means another Bobber on the road then I'm all for it!

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I fell in love the instant I saw the first press release photos of the original high bar Bobber, and never looked back. I have always craved that look, and after having chased one down, would not trade.

Having said that, I do like the BB, as they are a beautiful bike. But I can't say I desire one in anyway. If I was going to go that route, it would be a Speedmaster with the Highway kit, but as a second bike.

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I was done with my Harley Fat Boy and started looking around. I saw pics of the Bobber Black and started doing my homework. I went in to take a look finally and the one I own was front and center. I imprinted on it like a kitten with its Mom.

I traded the Harley and havent been happier. I found you guys and I am now well into the process of making it even more my own. I wont go back to an oversized cruiser again
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