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Last time we were invited to a Triumph event was when the Bonneville Bobber was first making its rounds across North America. Last week, we were fortunate enough to be invited back for the unveiling of the 2018 Bonneville Bobber Black.

Taking place at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto last Friday, this launch event was just as popular as the last, with many fans of the brand milling about. Unfortunately, their enthusiasm for the fog machine seems to have intensified since the last event. Coupled with equally poor lighting, most of our pictures turned out to be somewhat grainy and unfocused. We do apologize for that.

Once again, we have a gentlemen’s grooming center set up in one corner, accepting donations to end human trafficking. In exchange, donors shall receive a trim or shave, whatever tickled their fancy. Fast Times magazine made a reappearance as well along with Evil Sin and Tattoos.

Of course, what’s a launch event without a wide range of delicious tacos courtesy of Rancho Relaxo. Personal opinion does lean towards the fried fish taco, though their chicken and vegetarian options were no less tasty and filling. All of this washed down with a refreshing cider.

All these booths helped us pass the time until Chris Ellis, General Manager Canadian Operations at Triumph Motorcycles, finally took the covers off the new Bonneville Bobber Black. A matt black Bobber was easily ridden onto the stage, demonstrating just how agile and precise the motorcycle is thanks to 16-inch spoked front wheel shod in high-profile Avon Cobra tires. The rider even revved it a few times, just to show off the Black’s new twin-skin exhaust system and throaty notes.

An example of the glossy Jet Black Bobber was also present on the floor and event goers were given a chance to take a closer look at the many changes Triumph has made. There’s the expected parts that has been painted, plated, chromed or anodized black and a beefier set of 47mm Showa forks in the front.

We do encourage you to attend the Back in Black Tour if one takes place close by, because it’ll give you a chance to see the Bobber Black in person before it hits showroom floors. If nothing else, the complimentary refreshments and beanie hat was worth the trip.

The event album for more pictures: Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black Album

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They already had one at my local dealers in Braunschweig/Germany 4 weeks ago; and it wasn't even sold or reserved for anyone at the time...
Although I like the BB, personally I prefer the original bobber.

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