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OK I admit it I’m fussy about the aftermarket parts, the way I see it if I’m going to change something I want it to be at least as good as what was there before, and with the new Triumph’s that’s tough because the OEM build quality is exceptional.

But after following this forum over the winter I had my heart set on pair of TT Slash Cuts by Weslake. They ticked all my boxes: they provide a deeper sound without being obnoxiously loud, used by themselves they don’t f*** up the fuelling, and they match the stock headers and covers perfectly giving the illusion of an old school straight through pipe. In fact if it wasn’t for there bad weather I would of bought them already.

However Bobber76’s post yesterday (showing alignment issues) does worry me as if they're not perfect I don’t want them on my Bobber and now Square Deals is discounting the TT Slash Cuts saying ‘a minor modification to the "fake cover" retaining clip is required in order to reduce the gap between the cover and the exhaust pipe providing a one piece exhaust effect.’ So there is a known issue but is it easily fixable, can anyone who’s fitted them please advise?

The question for me now is do I take the risk that I can mod the Weslakes to fit or do I stump up over double the cash for British Customs Slash Cuts that as far as I’ve read don’t have these alignment issues. :surprise:
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