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So, Once a year on May 3, the anniversary of this event, for the last 2 years running anyway, I have done this. I find it cathartic in some ways. Sharing something of this nature is a personal choice, but it can help to know that others have dealt with the mental aftermath of experiencing things of this nature. I know some of those on here have also had experiences maybe not exactly like this, but experiences that stay with you for life.

I will tell you that this was one of the most surreal things that has ever happened to me, and also the most incredible example of human compassion I have ever experienced. It helped to restore my faith in our species in many ways.

I ask that you refrain from sympathetic sentiments as its not why I do it, it is to remind myself and those around me of the strength and compassion that the human race can muster, when we as a whole, need it most. And I do it as a tribute to all those who stayed and did what they could to preserve what was left behind.

The photo collage was put together by a radio personality that lived here, and was asked to report on what was happening during our evacuation. This is just a small sample of the images and video that came from this event.

May 3 2016
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