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Suggestions for panniers that fit with side plate mount

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I've gone around the houses with my Panniers on my Speedmaster. I've got a small swing arm bag, it sits nicely with my side plate but I'm hankering for something bigger.
So, I bought a pair of OEM waxed Cotton Panniers and Motone rails. Happy with the rails and panniers but cannot get the left side bag mounted becxause of my side plate.
I'm looking for a pair of panniers that will fit onto the motone rails that aren't too deep (or at least not as deep as the OEM ones) thus will fit with my side plate.
This isn't the best photo to explain my dilema, but the left hand OEM pannier is too deep to mount with my side plate.
Any suggestions appreciated.
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After a long search I think ive hit on the solution.
I've bought a pair of "Indiana" panniers from Motea (Germany).
They're 10 litre capacity, a little less than the OEM of 13 but secure nice and snug on the same motone rails that I had the OEM panniers hung on.
Price wise they were very competitive at £55 each.
The main feature is their shape which has a "cut-away" that sits very nicely with my side plate.


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Looks sharp. I believe these are actually made by Craftride and resold by Motea.

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Yes, they're Craftride. Quality seems ok...
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