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Please read and make sure you understand these rules and guidelines BEFORE posting an item in any of the MarketPlace sections:

Site Admins and Moderators reserve the right to delete or edit any post that does not follow the rules outlined in this section.
If you are a commercial vendor & have product(s) for sale, your thread should be placed in the VENDORS section after you have been approved as a site Sponsor.

1. Marketplace Users will have to have a minimum of 15 forum posts and be registered at least 15 days in order to participate.
2. Marketplace Users MUST update their profile and show where they are located.
3. Photographs are always useful and recommended when selling an item. Contact a Moderator if you have a problem posting, hosting or uploading a decent quality picture.
4. When finalising a sale clearly agree who's paying the postage costs, how it will be delivered and by what method the payment will be made we suggest that you exchange phone numbers as well.
5. Recorded delivery is recommended then both parties are covered should things go wrong.
6. If there's a problem or a delay with posting, let the other party know as soon as possible to avoid any misunderstandings.
7. Let the other party know that the money/item has arrived.
8. If a thread has had no replies and no activity for 4-6 weeks, a moderator or Admin will delete it. To avoid this, please come back to the thread after 3 weeks and add a post to it saying that the item is still available.
9. If things go wrong, please try to contact the seller/purchaser by PM or on the phone, be reasonable and patient both ways and it should be resolved.
10. If an issue cannot be resolved after the taking the steps mentioned above, contact a Moderator or Admin to see if they can assist you. However, be aware that the site Admins/Moderators are neither arbitrators nor lawyers and although we'll do our best, a mutually satisfactory outcome is not guaranteed under any circumstances.
11. Please ADD a proper title to your post stipulating the item you are selling (or looking for).

*Site Admins reserve the right to modify/change the General Guidelines as they see fit.

We recommend including the following information when listing an item:
Item description
Model #
Which Bikes It Fits (Bobber, Bobber Black, etc)
Age and overall condition
Missing parts and/or damaged pieces
Any extras Included in Sale
Item is advertised elsewhere, and if so where. (Ebay, Craiglist, etc)
Postage Cost
Delivery (Worldwide, national, etc)
Returns accepted/not accepted
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