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So i bought a cruise control kit for my bobber over 6 months ago, there were 2 choices one for normal headlight and another that required the LED headlight upgrade to be installed.

I wanted the LED headlight upgrade anyway so i bought the DRL version after contacting world of triumph and being advised the LED headlight upgrade was due to be released in November last year.

Since then ive been in numerous email conversations and been told about 6 different release dates for the headlight, every time the date comes it gets delayed another month.

Fed up waiting i asked world of triumph for a refund and was told they cant as its been over 6 months since i bought the sodding kit and they only do returns up to 18 days or something!

What the ****!! i bloody know its been 6 months, you sold me a fucking useless part that i cant use until the never appearing headlight upgrade is released... **** knows when its finally going to show up!? Another 6 months???


Edit: I've actually bought and paid for the headlight upgrade now too and its just been delayed another 3 weeks, no confidence itll actually release then either.
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