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Hi Gents,

No doubt like me you are all saddened, shocked and darn right furious at the recent terrible accident shared on this forum. So with that not far from out minds I wanted to remind everyone here to take especially good care when riding.

I'm just back from a small ride (wine, cheese and meat - the staples :grin2: ) and almost got hit 'three' times.:frown2: The worst being a woman who ran a red light. Fortunately for me I never assume just because I have a green light that all is good, and 'always' slowly pull out looking both ways, if I had not done that (less than 100 yards from my house) I would have been toast, no question about it.

Having lost both my older brothers, had plenty of accidents myself (in my youth) and lost many friends, I really am especially cautious, but of course there are no guarantees and we all take a risk, I know that.

I'm not one to preach but I really just wanted to give a should out to all members, old, young, experienced and novice and just say 'please' be really vigilant and careful EVERY time you take your bike out.

Well that's my tuppence rant over. Still had a lovely ride despite the lunatics out there.:wink2:

Be cool, be happy, enjoy life and the ride BUT be safe..:wink2:


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