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New member from Montana

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Hey guys and gals,
I'm a new member here and to Triumph. I just picked up my first Triumph motorcycle on Saturday and had no intention of buying one for myself LOL. My wife and I went on a small road trip with her dad to Portland OR, from Billings MT, and while we were killing time we stopped into Latus Harley/Triumph dealer to look at a Thruxton for my wife and we both fell in love with the bobber at first site. We talked with the sale team there and next thing I know there pulling the Thruxton and bobber out for me to test ride, I rode both back to back and liked them both, although I really liked the Thruxton more and is more my style I went with the bobber for comfort. After I got back from the test ride I guess my wife made the decision to go ahead and check on financing options and we ended up leaving with two bobbers, black for me and iron stone for her.
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Double whammy! Good your you two and good story.
Welcome to the club.

What were you riding before coming to the bobber? Always interested in knowing that since it plays into that individuals perspective of their current bike.
Double congrats are in order then!!!
Enjoy you bikes and be sure to share some pics with us.

Welcome to the forum (both of you) :smile2:
We were riding a couple of older Honda's before. My wife isn't the most mechanically inclined person so she didn't ride a lot on her Honda because of it being carbureted she had a hard time getting it started in the colder mornings. So she wanted a new bike that she can just hop on and ride. Ill miss my Honda's, since ill need to sell to make room in the garage, but so far the new triumph hasn't disappointed me yet. Also when they are paid off I was given permission to buy a Thruxton too :)


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2 bobbers = double the fun! Congrats and welcome
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