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After looking at all the the lever upgrade threads over the past few months, I had $26 USD burning a hole in my pocket and thought "why not". Someone here purchased the CNC Rhombus levers off Ebay. I figured for the price, it was a mod that was easily reversible if it didn't work out.

Looks: I have to say that I'm enjoying them. The color is "just right" in my opinion, as it tones down that dull silver look quite a bit. The anodized gray color seems top quality. The adjustment levers seem a "step up" from the round OEM dial.

Feel: Though they are light, they do not feel cheap at all. The ridges along the sides of the levers add a bit of traction. The adjustment levers work as they should and locks positively into place. I ordered the long levers, which are still a bit shorter than the OEM levers, but more than adequate.

Fit: No issues with swapping out, It was literally a 10 minute job. The front brake lever fits acceptably snug with a little bit of wiggle, but not that noticable, about the same as the OEM. The clutch lever has more wiggle and could be a bit more snug. However, before swapping, I did test the OEM for wiggle and found almost the same amount. However, in general it was a direct swap. I only needed to adjust the extra slack out of the clutch cable.

Overall: They look like $200 levers. It will be interesting to see if there are any issues down the road but I do not expect any.


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