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The dealership indicated last week that it would probably be Wednesday (tomorrow) before they even had the VIN for the red 2018 Bobber to which I'd committed. Likely the crate would show up as early as Friday. So, I wasn't expecting the call today that the crate had arrived and the bike would be ready for pickup in 2 hours.

My decision to buy a Bobber after test-riding the black demo was based on several factors, viz., it was light and maneuverable (easy to back up with only a 25" inseam), the seating position is absolutely bizarre (but strangely comfortable), the feel of unreleased power that was possible, the smoothness and quality felt while changing gears, and even the sound of the thing. The interstate (I-35) near the dealership is under construction and still a mess, so I was relegated to just putt around 45 mph roads, then quickly back to the dealership. I'd felt and experienced enough: I wanted it.

After untold Harleys (and 3 Triumphs from the same dealer), it is truly hard for me to get very enthused about a new bike. Yes, I was happy to see and mount the thing for the first time today, but it isn't that almost giddy feeling that I'd experienced in my younger years. There is a certain detachment that, while you are excited about getting a new bike, you are still able to retain your wits about you.

The 46-mile road home had speed limits of 70 - 75 mph, though I varied between 60 - 65 - and 70 for the break-in period.

Initial impressions of the new bike was that it was stiff/tight (as should be expected) compared to the demo. It had the power well past 70-75 mph in 6th gear, in fact, so much so that it seemed like a far too easy thing. The suspension over bumps was gentle and pleasant. What I really found really delightful was that even without a windshield (with a full-faced helmet worn), I wasn't hanging on for dear life as I had with the T-100 or Harley Deluxe without a windshield at those speeds. (I suspect that it must be the solid position while seated to provide that much stability.) The only negative, and admittedly this might be personal, is that I've become less tolerant of footpegs since I discovered footboards and the pressure that footpegs exert on the arch supports of the feet (while wearing cowboy boots). Easy remedy: change footwear while riding or look into footboards. All & all, however, I'm very satisfied, and can't wait until tomorrow and the weekend.

I wish y'all safe and enjoyable rides on your bikes, and appreciate your indulgence with me as I documented my first impressions.
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