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Today I nearly had a prang. The problem is that I was in a car and the other guy was on a bike.
obviously, I like to think I'm bike aware', I ride one.

Today I stopped at a roundabout (UK) the car to my right was stationary because there was a slow-moving vehicle to his right.

I made the judgement to move onto the roundabout.

At the same time, a bike appeared from behind the car to my right, without stopping, he pulled straight onto the roundabout.

Clearly, he looked to his right, decided he could pull out in front of the slow-moving car (from the right-hand lane) but this now placed him right up my arse.

He revved his engine in neutral to let me know it was his road, hammered past me and shook his head. My dash cam must have recorded my verbal reaction.

Let's share the road, and it isn't a 'freakin' race track. On a race track, we are all going the same way and there are no side roads/roundabouts.

Rant over!
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