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Nacelle: The Story of "The Bobber"

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Ive just finished reading the above article in the June 2023 issue of Nacelle.

The story describes the build of a custom bike by Chris Forward with his take on what a bobber should look like.

The finished bike is a collection of various parts from a variety of machines which leads me to ask

How would one go about registering, taxing and mot'ing such a creation?

Does the registration stay with the frame despite a different engine, forks, swing arm etc having been used?

Just curious really as i probably dont have the skills to create a masterpiece, but i really do fancy building a mongrel as a winter project.
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I wasn't aware of the Nacelle magazine. Would you recommend a subscription?

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It's the monthly magazine of the Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club.
It all depends whether you want to join really, I wouldn't say Nacelle is the best bike magazine out there but there are some interesting articles every so often.


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You ask your local registration department about how to register a cobbled machine. Back in the day they used to put Triumph and Nortons together to make Tritons. So I know it can be done.
If I remember rightly it kind of goes like this. If you've got a valid V5 for the frame there is generally no problem with keeping the registration, insurance might be another matter!!! If you don't have a valid V5 you have to declare the origin / age of major components unless you want a Q plate.
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