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It is "Great" isn't it! I love twins, other than one 4 cyl and a couple 1800 Goldwings I have owned twins 46 years. I just turned 64 and still working... My first street twin was a 1968 BSA chopped stretched, 2in rake, 10 over springer front end, honda 50 tire on the front and a 16in spoked Harley on the rear. Custom glow in the dark paint, no front brakes, drum on the rear. Hard tail (no shocks)...Throttle wide open until I threw a rod through the front case. I would pump the carb and kick her over several times in the morning when it was a little cool, dang thing would never start so I would come home at lunch from work and ride her back; The good ole days! The best part is my passion for motorcycles never diminished and I get just as excited swinging a leg over today as yesteryears...

The day She puked my buddy an I were stopped at a gas station, friends of mine. He had a 1968 Triumph 650 Bonny, a fresh rebuilt engine, 6 over tubes on the front. He asked, you think they care if I ride a whellie across the parking lot. I said no Bro go for it, he brought her up and ended up on the rear wheel and rode right into a highway with oncoming traffic. Horns blowing, brakes squealing, and he set her down right before going off the other side, with a big grin he never missed a beat. We stopped up the road and he was laughing his butt off and I said what the **** happened? Don't know brother I just couldn't get her down and wasnt about to let her go... we laughed a bit and headed up a mountain, in 3rd gear wound up tight, my BSA came apart.. HANG ON LOL!!! Not sure a sudden stop is proper verbage.

Come on guys let's hear the good true stuff OK, know we all have a few...
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