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Motorcycle cover

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In a few weeks I will be heading out on a road trip for a few days and would like to find a nice cover for my bobber while staying at a hotel. Would like something that protects from dust, water resistant and packs easily while taking up minimum space. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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When touring abroad, i used this:
Geza Gear Stretchable Custom Motorcycle Covers | Customer Testimonials

Extremely high quality & probably the best cover i have ever owned.
I've always had bad luck with motorcycle covers and cats in all the areas I've lived around L.A. For some reason stray/street feral cats seem to like to "spray/mark" them, leaving that really putrid stench. It's happened to pretty much every cover I've ever owned. Anybody else experience this? Always had to keep spraying the covers off with a hose, but that smell would never really go away. Luckilly now, I live in a complex that has a totally enclosed garage, where cats cannot easily get into. I do like cats, but that was always a nuisance.
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