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Hi there,

I have the BikeBrothers rack on the rear fender to put on a small bag or briefcase now and then. Would be nice to have a little pannier fixed to the rack to carry around things like luggage straps or a little petrol can . I had a cheap bag on the right hand side for some time but I discovered it contacted the wheel apparently so it was completely worn on the back side, bit of a security issue as well.

Trouble is that the wheel is not covered at all. I wonder if someone already tried to close that gap by fixing something between the rear fender holder and the upper swing arm (if that's the right word for it). A small metal tube perhaps clamped to the holder and the swing arm. Has someone done that?

Yes I know I could get the OEM panniers but frankly they are very expensive the bracket needed is monstrous and looks horrible if you take the panniers of. The swing arm bag is also expensive and too small
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