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I ordered a leather fork bag from amazon, $28 shipped to my door. I had intended to fab up a bracket similar to the ones Bike Brothers sells (I have a very well equipped home shop). However, I never really liked the one side mounted items (plate, bag and such) because it throws off the symmetry of the bike.

This is a 10" X 3" X 3" bag good for carrying the registration, a pair of sunglasses and a sidestand foot to keep the sidestand from sinking. I decided I would just put the bag on the forks like it was designed for. I had to make sure to put the 2 mounting belts where they won't damage the signal light wires but it is doable. It has about 2 or 3 inches between the bag and the front mudguard so no issues there. I'll have to keep an eye on the fork gators to make sure there isn't wear occurring but I doubt there will be.

The bag came heavily soaked in neatsfoot oil (commonly used to preserve leather) but once that evaporates I plan to use a strong tea solution to dye the leather darker so it matches the Triumph brown quilted seat better


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