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...with my Speedmaster.

With the UK weather being very nice the last two days, and it being our midweek trip to check out the in-laws (both north of 80), my wife went in the tin box, and I took the Speedmaster.

It's only around 60 miles each way, but I decided to let my new TomTom Rider 550 route as a "thrill". The route out was very back roads including about 10 miles that had just been tar sprayed and gravelled (this is a cheapskate UK method of road re-surfacing that consists of spraying a coating of liquid car across the road then pouring loads of fine gravel on and letting the traffic sort it out. After a few days it's OK, but you get lines of gravel outside the tyre tracks which can be awful).

Over the last few days I asked about people adjusting tyre pressures to suit. I've already pre-loaded the shock as high as I can (position 6 out of 7) and now run about 1-2 PSI above stock pressures. Well, over this very twisty route out, the bike was so well planted and compliant over bumps I couldn't believe it...

I went slightly more direct on the way back (still no highways) and even at higher pace it was magnificent... Chicken strips on the tyres are down to about half an inch, and I haven't touched the floorboards down yet...
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