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My wife has a 2017 Bobber and I noticed that the wiring harness behind the switch is touching the engine case tightly. I just purchased a Bobber Black for myself and after going over the bike I noticed two things.

1. Ignition Switch Wiring has been re-routed so that it is no longer touching the engine case.

2. The Clutch Cable routing at the forks is no longer held by a clamp but sits in a plastic support so that it may move when turning the handle bars.

These are the changes I have seen thus far and they are good changes.

Therefore I will remove the ignition switch and try insulating the wiring on the back of my wife's 2017 Bobber.

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I went to visit the dealer and have a look at the Bobber Black cabling versus the 2017 Bobber.
First of all he assured me that (for now) there is no recall nor notice about the 2017 cable route. It is properly insulated and positioned on top of the engine on all 2017 bikes.

The Bobber Black´s cable has indeed been rerouted and has a better overall finish, but as such is only less visible. It is still touching the top of the engine and exposed to the same amount of heat.
But yes, it does look neater on the Black model and less of an ´afterthought´.
I think that with the new routing, moving the ignition to the LHS (like on my bike) would be much harder as there is no more slack in the cable.

Here are some pics of the Bobber BLACK:

And the 2017:
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