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After a long ride i pulled into my garage and left the key in the ignition and accidentally. Engine was off but I left my lights on and drained the battery. Discovered it the next morning and the bike still had some power, but not enough to turn over and start. Luckily I had an car battery charger with a Voltage and Amp switch to support smaller batteries for motorcycles. Set it up and 20 minutes later i was back in business.

With the battery charged enough i was able to start it up a few times with no worries of risking a ride around town for erands and not starting.. That evening i left it on a trickle charge just to be safe. Well, the next morning she wouldn't start. ECM cycled up with no issues and the head light appeared to be at a normal brightness. I tried everything and she just never turned over after hitting the ignition switch. I'm mechanically and technically capable and was able to eliminate all the possible culprits that would be somewhat simple. Battery, fuses, etc. With all the troubleshooting i could think of, she wouldn't crank or turn over.

A couple of days later the dealer pick up my bike and with fingers crossed i was hoping it would be a simple fix... Our dealer, as good as they are, has to deal with seasonal highs and lows to stay in business. Which means they can't hire a fleet of techs because they would be sitting around all winter with nothing to do. Anyways, i had to wait about a week for them to get to my bike... I'm in sales, so i was persistent with killing them with kindness every other day for an update :) Seems that the contacts on the ignition button weren't touching when the switch was pressed.

Problem solved, but now Triumph took their time giving the dealership a green light to do the repair under warranty work. My bobber is 16 months old and I assumed the warranty would be covered, but didn't realize that Triumph Corporate would be the log in this jam. She's my 1st new bike and I guess my experience with the car business doesn't easily translate to motorcycle world and processes.

Fingers crossed that Triumph HQ can get the part to my dealer in a timely manner so that i can still participate in DGR next weekend.. Live and learn.

Some other issues that are getting fixed at the same time.. under warranty.
-Wheel-Fork lock fell out.. Covered with replacement keys.
-Clutch cable is frayed due to poor harness design - placement.
-Rear turn signals getting replaced. Cheap plastic and poor streets in Chicago. IE OEM shock built from little people.

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