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I’ve gone drag.

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Ok not me but my bike.
So I had forward controls, and went from stock to high bars. It was comfortable for a while but it pushes me straight up and after a while I could feel my weight too much on my tail bone.

Then I went to the Fehlings Bike Brothers bar. Handling felt better and they murdered my wrists.

Finally gotten on these drag bars. It’s the 3rd bar I’ve had to run wiring internally and these are the hardest with the 90 degree corners.Had to depin all the connectors whereas on the other bars I only had to do the bigger ones. Tried my luck the first leaving on the small ones and broke one in the process. Fortunately could find a replacement connector on Amazon.
The entry exit holes were also too small. Triumph seems to have alot more wires than other makes. So had to Dremel them for quite some time going through 2 bits. Then the mounting bolts were too short and one size larger than originals. Couldn’t use back the metal sleeves in the rubber mounts. So had to get creative.
All in all, a lot of mishaps and skinned knuckles but when I took it for the first ride, ****.. it felt like I found my soul mate. Handling and comfort was just spot on especially with my forward controls. Can’t wait to ride it more!
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Looks good. I had some similar bars years ago on a Fatboy. I may have to try something like that again.
My question is can you see the speedometer? It looks like the bar is in the way.
Well done, looks great. I do wonder about guage visibility like Mountaingog tho.
I wonder whether we should hand out warnings for click-bait titles 🤣
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