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I'm new here but not new to motorcycles. I've been riding since the 70's . . . mostly BMW and Ducati. But I have always had a soft spot for Triumph. Several years ago I bought a Bonneville. I followed that with a Scrambler. Now I have a Bobber.

Wednesday I traded a BMW R nineT and the Scrambler for a Bobber Black. I traded because it was hard for me to throw my leg over those two bikes. Two years ago - at age 69 - I discovered that I had prostate cancer. I had "the operation", radiation and hormone therapy. All of which substantially reduced my riding. Nevertheless, I was determined to try again and a Bobber appeared to be the perfect answer. So far the Bobber has been the answer and I am tickled to death.

The week before my operation I rode to the Uwharrie Mountains (more like small hills than mountains) for my "last ride". That day I got a nail in my rear tire and came home on the back of a flatbed truck. :frown2: Yesterday I rode the Bobber to that same location as a sort of victory ride. I returned home with no flats and in relatively little pain. :smile2:

I'm retired Army. I like acoustic guitars and single malt Scotch. (I envy you folks who live in Britain because you can visit distilleries.) I have a lovely wife of 48 years who puts up with my hobbies. We have a son, a lovely daughter-in-law, and three super grandkids. (My son likes Scotch too so we make trips to Scotland.)

I'm looking forward to some ridding time on my Bobber and I look forward to meeting new friends on this forum.
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