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Glad to have a new member on the forum.

Did you start looking into modifications and accessories as yet?
Oh, definitely! I am just debating what i want to / can afford to do first. I was reading about lamp replacements and might do that and those Rage360 turn signals up front. I like the idea of the motogadget bar end signals, since i feel like i could probably get away with these pulling double-duty for both front and rear, but they are pretty pricey... Obviously I'd also like to do something about the rear end (again, those bar-end signals would help here) but I've first got to figure out what direction to go.

My dealership was recently doing a rear-fender elimination and that exposed rear wheel was looking **** good, but that brings up a number of issues of its own... such as where the running/brake light could be located (could be cool to wire it thru a custom seat and bolt it on where the triumph badge sits on the under/back-side of the seat pan, but this might potentially be obscured if my shoulder bag hangs too low at times) as well as the number plate.

Of course, removing the rear fender also eliminates the possibility of some future, as-yet-unseen luggage carrying mechanism (though i rode through most of Vietnam with my kit on my back, so i don't mind terribly much doing that). It also means my back gets sprayed when the ground is wet, but this isn't a huge deal for me here in CO. I am thinking about throwing a swingarm bag on the left side once i eventually find a bag i like for that (since they should be about the same width).

DECISIONS, DECISIONS! sorry for the long post! have you done any mods on yours yet?
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