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Hello from East Tennessee

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Hello Everyone, My name is Joe, 59 yrs old and live in East Tennessee. I have been a motorcycle nut most of my life, I am mostly into old bikes and have had a few old Triumphs over the years including a 1960 Speed twin, 1970 and 1972 Daytonas and a 1973 Tiger. Recently, a friend of mine wanted to sell his 2017 Bobber for a really good price so I snatched it up. Wow! what a wonderful machine. I love riding it and looking at it too - it's the green and silver color. One of the best things about getting a new bike is getting to know a new group of enthusiasts so I am looking forward to this forum.

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Hello there. Cost of admission is a photo of your bike :) Welcome!
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Welcome to the crew! I'll second the demand cordial request for pictures :)
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Hello from East Tn as well. I'm in Bristol and work at the Triumph/Indian/Royal Enfield dealer in town.
Greetings from sunny North Texas, where the Spring air is chock full of Mountain Cedar spore.....
Triumph/Indian/Royal Enfield dealer
Oh My... That sounds like Heaven! When I take my Indian to Triumph shop, or vice versa, I usually get a chuckle and told they won't be able to help.
Welcome to the forum Mendonjo. Post a photo of all of your Triumphs, at your convenience, please.
I only have one triumph now (the bobber). Here it is (plus a menagerie of other stuff)

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Welcome to the forum from Virginia. That is a beautiful area and we go to the rhythm n roots festival almost every September. Congrats on the bike. I also dig your Road King.
Welcome from PA!
Thanks for showing us the 'collection' Mendonjo very interesting selection of machinery. The Bobber doesn't look out of place in that company.
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