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Hello Everyone,

Hope you guys are all doing well !

As I should normally start with a presentation, here it is :

I’m Alex, I’m 31 and I’m from Switzerland. I was looking to buy a motorcycle for a while and you guys know how it works: you have a little voice in your head that tells you to be reasonable, but very inside another voice tells you : don’t be foolish, buy what you really want, what makes you happy looking at it and, most important, makes you smile while riding it. Even if the price of our cherish Triumph can be at some point quite high, I did not hesitate a second when I bought my Bobber Black back in 2020 :

Cloud Tire Wheel Sky Fuel tank

I was ready and especially excited to ride the beautiful Alps roads we have here in Switzerland !

Everything was going fine, I spent hours and hours riding it and had the chance to share memorable roadtrips with friends :

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Motorcycle

Wheel Tire Sky Cloud Fuel tank

I also started to make a few (minor) changes : I bought a new seat and a small wind screen to distinguish the look of my bobber from the (very few) others I encountered.

The next thing I wanted to change, as many of you have already done, was the rear mudguard with the side-mounted license plate. I therefore bought one of the best (imho) we can find online, a Wunderkind one. The quality of realization is very high and the materials are not only durable, but also qualitative with a good design. When I received these pieces, as they come raw, I had to make them painted by a professional.

Unfortunately, and that’s how my story ends, I lend my bike to my brother once I was on vacation and he had a crash with it :

Fuel tank Tire Automotive fuel system Wheel Automotive lighting

Some old woman didn’t see him coming in a crossing road and, bam ! Fortunately, my brother was OK and that’s by far the most important. But my beloved Bobber was definitely K.O. I was lucky enough to ride it for more than 7’000 KM (~4’300 miles) in about a year, ride around the Alps in Switzerland, France and even Italy (the Stelvio pass is a must-do 😉), under heavy rain or suffocating sun. I really enjoyed this short time but I am not sure I’ll buy another one soon.

As you guys can see, I did not have enough time to mount my new rear fender, and that’s my final point. I’ll open another discussion in the related section to sell it, as they are completely new (mat black) and I don’t have the use for it anymore.

I will probably buy another bike in the future, who knows !


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Sad ending, Alex. Sorry to hear of your loss, but pleased to note your brother came away unscathed. I'm sure when you do get your next bike, your brother will be less inclined to borrow it, who knows.
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