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Does anyone know of a small flyscreen available for the Bobber? I would like one for trips on the highway.
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Haven't really looked into one but I'll try to take a look at what I can find. How long are your typical highway journeys?
I bought the National Cycle Deflector Screen DX Windshield after seeing it mounted in this thread. It's not quite a flyscreen, but it is very short. Sadly I'm still struggling to get the clamps mounted to the bars. Interested to see what alternatives this thread comes up with!
I drove the bike to work the other day and only spent 20 miles on the highway. A flyscreen would greatly reduce the amount of wind pushing against me. I would like to take the bike on a longer highway trip (90 miles each way) soon. The flyscreen would come off when I'm not riding on the highway. Not a fan of the look.
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