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Today I FINALLY picked up my 2018 Bobber Black after weeks of waiting for spring to arrive, clearing the bottleneck of my dealership's service department, and a sudden business trip. I’ve appreciated living vicariously through the other members of the forum, but it's finally my day to get back out on the road and experience the Bobber Black.

I met another Bobber rider while picking up my bike. He was doing the same. Attached is a photo of the 2 bikes about to take off from the dealership.

After my inaugural rides I can definitely say that I like the Black better than my 2017 Bobber. That said, the original Bobber remains a fantastic bike. My thought is that you can’t go wrong either way.

I also love the British Customs Sleeper Pros on the bike. In my opinion, they look and sound amazing.

Mods to date:
* Heated grips (taken off of my 2017 Bobber that I traded in)
* Triumph CNC machined adjustable front levers (#A9628054)
* British Customs Sleeper Pro slip on exhaust
* Throttle body side covers
* Motone gas cap
* Oil filler cap

Mods to be installed tomorrow:
* JW Speaker adaptive LED headlight
* Black statement seat
* Oval bar end mirrors
* Bobbins
* Master cylinder cover

As parts arrive and as I find time, I’ll also install:
* Bike Brothers luggage rack
* X-Arc turn signals (front & rear)
* Booster plug fuel injection module
* Wilbers rear shock
* Powder coated pannier rails & Kriega saddlebags with custom made adapters to attach the bags to the rails
* Dart Flyscreen… for a 7-day motorcycle camping trip this summer
* … and paint the back of my license plate black… thanks @PFEN for the idea



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Love the black Sleeper Pros! Great looking bike with lots of awesome mods planned. Can't wait to see this babe when it's all done! Congratulations.
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