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So, I'm seriously considering a bobber as a second scoot. I own an Indian Springfield so this would purely be a bar hopper. I am not concerned with the small tank. I plan on taking one for a test ride very soon. What I'm interested in are the mechanics of the triumph 120. what is the feeling on the crank? strong or a source of issues later? this is an overhead cam which I am not as familiar with, so any items to look for would be appreciated. what is the after market like for cams, ac, and flash based tuner (Not a fan of PCV or other piggy back on sensor eliminators). haven't had to lube a chain since I was 14. Is this a hassle? Is replacing the suspension a necessity like it is on the indian scout? other quirks or "triumphisms?" thanks ahead of time for any and all feedback.
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Wow, surprised with no feedback. Took one for a test ride today and enjoyed. Hoping to hear more re: my OP. Thanks.
Welcome to the forum.

A great place to start to read and do some basic research is here Triumph Bobber Forum - Active Topics
Welcome to the forums. Majority of your questions are definitely covered in many threads throughout here. Planning on getting one after your test drive?
Thanks Lure and Eisen. I am seriously considering getting a bobber. I really enjoyed my test ride. I have combed this site and the "Rat" forum and have learned a great deal. The info I'm really interested in is the quality of the engine. The new 111 in my Indian is proving to be bullet proof, unlike the new HD M8. So I was hoping to learn of any weaknesses of the T120 and T120 HT that I don't know about. Thanks again.
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