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Hi all,

I’ve not posted for a little while due to being on a small tour. For those with zero interest in cars you may wish to stop reading now... but for those that do and or want to see beautiful scenery and driving/riding roads for a little inspiration... read on. I’m yet to encounter better mountain passes to date... and I’ve tried most.

Myself and a couple of friends decided we needed to down tools for a week so headed out to the French Alps. We’ve covered a lot of ground in a relatively short space of time and dipped into Italy a few times also... its very easy to know when you’ve entered Italy, as the road surfaces turn bad almost instantly:surprise:

Today we drove the mountain pass up to Col de la Bonette, which is Europe’s highest road at some 8,907 ft. The road offered just about everything, from fast sweeping bends, technical hairpin turns, woodland, mountain edge and everything else in between.

Here’s a pics and some footage taken from my own car of me following my two friends whilst on a nice leisurely drive towards our goal for the day.


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