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Seen a set of clip-on handle bars at the Triumph dealer so decided to try them on. Dealer fitted them on. Looks nice.

I like the look of original handle bars and definitely would of stuck with them except for a seating 'comfort' issue.

There were a time, many years ago, when I sat lightly and lithely on a bike... :wink2: Not any more, now I sit more like a heavy old immobile sack of potatoes. With the standard upright seating position I felt every little bump through the original seat and handle bar layout and found it difficult to take the shock of the bigger bumps with my legs

In an attempt to improve my ridding comfort I went with an optional seat from the dealer and the clip-ons. As I'm now leaning further forward the clip-ons get my weight more over my legs and takes a lot of the vertical shock effect away from my old back bones. Leaning forward it is a lot easier to use my legs to lift myself for the bigger bumps. The down side is now because I'm leaning forward it is harder to do that lane clearing head toss so I've had to use the smallish side mirrors more.

I havn't ridden the clip-ons much yet to comment on over all ride feel though I did do a little off road trail biking with them when a car did a swerve in front of me. After I cleared the swerving tin top I were able to stand in the stirrups and use power to flick the rear out on the gravel to get the plot back on the the hard top. So I'm happy with the bars... and my decision to ride with traction control OFF. :smile2:
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