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Greetings Lads & Lasses,

With Rob doing a cracking job of throwing some hard panniers on his Speedmaster, it seems there are a few of us who are exploring this option. Along with other members trying out soft panniers/saddle bag options for camping/touring etc. there are now quite a few 'Bobber Baggers' out there.

I thought it would be fun to start a photo thread dedicated to this topic, if for no other reason than members can get more ideas on options for their bikes.

Luggage on a Triumph Bobber will always be a little controversial but for a few of use it's an option that either makes practice sense, aesthetically appealing or both. And whether you personally like it or not, it does highlight the incredible flexibility of this superb machine.

...'Bobber Bagger' has a bit of a ring too but of course and with all things on this forum Speedmasters are always included, just didn't have the same ring for the title - hope Rob will forgive me..:wink2:

Here's a current photo of mine.




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