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Finally decided on which system to run. I received my British Customs sleepers and Motone x pipe from A and J cycles out of Nee York. The installation was simple, even though British Customs didn’t include any instructions. The kickstand stop was the one part that required a little thinking. All in all a half hour job or about a 3-4 beer job as they say down south. I chose this system because I didn’t want the Vance and Hines due to my history with the company back in my Harley days ( weak dyno numbers), and with the x pipe I didn’t want the drag pipes, due to lacking back pressure. Zard offers an absolutely gorgeous pipe, but the classic cocktail shaker design BC has come up with really caught my eye. Attached is my amateur video attempt of sound, looks and difference in sound throughout the RPMs. I can say I feel that the power has increased but have not ran a dyno to verify.( feels like max thrust with augmentation);) . I am running stock air filters and a Vance and Hines tune from the dealer.

- Yank

I’ll have to figure out how to upload the video later


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