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I've changed a lot. Most of the mods from my original build are still on the bike (not the fenders, alc seat has been sold).

I removed both fenders, removed the gaiters, installed quad lock with vibration dampener (amazing btw, get it), up and over risers, installed BC turn outs (thanks @Beaker ), painted my peep mirrors black, asv black shorty levers. that's everything I think except the tank:

a while back in santa barbara, CA, where a 1 bedroom starts at a million dollars, getting a tank painted was insane $. i decided to learn how to paint since the entire investment was like $300. I had painted the bike white, which I liked, and played with other designs. the white-only look was classic but didn't fit after a while and i got bored with it.
when I moved to colorado, I thought it would be cheaper to get a custom paint job, but i was unlikely to do it because i knew how to paint at this point. but i figured i would ask.
they wanted $600 for a solid color (starting price depending on labor) or $2400 for a custom design (starting price depending on labor). obviously that confirmed my doubts, but figured i would see what the market was. i think skilled pros should get fair pay, i just wasn't ready or willing to shell out that kind of money for something i could do.

anyway, i saw a design that i really liked and i based this tank off of it. it is multi-color underneath, followed by a thick primer, followed by a fine line taped white over it all. the primer was laid down to allow small patches of different colors to lightly come through, depending on the severity and angle of the sunlight.
normal glance it looks white, but when you bring it in the sun and really look at it, you get hints of creamsicle orange and baby blue here and there in very light doses.
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i'm not a pro painter obviously but i love how it came out, and i can say that i did it on my own. pretty cool i think. hope you like it. any advice on other mods (a tank strap? should i do black or navy or burgundy? i will match the handlebar leather straps to the tank strap.) (white or black exhaust wrap?) or any opinions, let me know.

once @Bobberchap gets a full system from hitchcox, i will follow suit. 馃


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You got those pipes on fast.

Now you need pod filters and a nice leather cover for the wires. ...I know someone selling

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I just debadged my side panels and that was nerve wracking enough for me haha

the tank came out awesome man, love how original it is and your concept came out great :)
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