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Hey Bobbers,

I can totally get fitting a new exhaust to get a better sound, or better looks than the stockers. Sound and looks are entirely subjective (well, volume is measurable, but things like throatiness, rasp etc are subjective). I also get the 'freer flowing' argument of decatting and using different pipes to improve the flow. But that ignores the role of the exhaust as part of a tuned system. Last, I totally get it's my bike and I can farkle if I want to 0:)

Has anyone done a dyno test before and after things like decatting or fitting new exhausts, and be willing to post the results here? Like I said, I totally get the sound and looks of the aftermarket stuff...but I'd like to see what differences they make to power or torque without the adjectives and hand-waving.

- Pasta
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