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  1. Triumph Bobber Forum General Discussion
    Hey all! Trying to get some thoughts from folks with specifically a 2022 bobber. Avon Cobra tires says 40psi front and 42psi rear. I assume these are maximum? It was very hard to read with the tread. Curious what you all have been running on. I'm running 38 front 40 rear currently and it...
  2. Wheels And Tires
    Suggestions for cold weather and/or M+S rated tires? I live in Utah and commute 25 miles to work on my bobber black every day. I rode through the winter last year but not when there is snow in the forecast or when salt was recently laid down. That being said, I’d like to swap to some tires in...
  3. Wheels And Tires
    After careful consideration I decided not to get whitewalls when my first set of Avon Cobras was finished. Call me lazy, but I´m just not that much into scrubbing grey tire flanks. Nevertheless I liked the black and white look very much, so I decided to take some forum member´s advice to at...
1-3 of 3 Results