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  1. Triumph Bobber Forum General Discussion
    Awesome seat idea... does anybody know of anything like this existing for the Triumph Bobber? (a seat that lifts up where you can fold out a passenger seat) I know of this one (and a couple on ebay)... but they are all so ugly. Can you share any passenger seats you have or heard of? Do you...
  2. Triumph Bobber Black General Discussion
    Hello all, first time posting to the forum. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Motone seats for the bobber? They look good but are they comfortable for semi long days in the saddle? I’m relatively light at 76 kg, but I’m also skinny as **** (no backside) so not a lot of self cushioning. What...
  3. For Sale Stock Seat Pan

    Triumph Bobber Parts
    Stock seat pan. The original owner spray painted it flat black and it will need a respray or powder coat. I just wanted the seat for a custom project so selling the pan. price includes shipping to lower 48 cont states. Accept PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.
    $75 USD
  4. Triumph Bobber Forum General Discussion
    Need some help- I was looking to change my bobber seat and wanted to know exactly all the tools I needed to both get it out and put the new seat back on. Also, while re-bolting new seat, would I need a torque wrench that is set to a certain NM value? The owners manual is a big vague and gives no...
  5. For Sale
    I recently bought a used 2017 Bonneville Bobber and it came with this seat: I'm selling this one because I want to buy one in brown. Free Shipping to all 48 states.
    $120 USD
  6. For Sale
    Finally had time to place the custom seat that took me over 6 months to get. To be honest, I got so used to my statement seat that this custom seat isn't my thing. Has not even been ridden in, literally just sat on it and decided to go back to my statement seat. Asking $500 since I lost...
    $500 USD
  7. For Sale Standard seat

    For Sale
    Standard seat for sale. It is in perfect condition. Only used for 5000 km. Shipping internationally but not included in the price.
    €120 EUR
  8. Appearance Modifications
    just wanted to get people's opinions on which OEM seat replacement is the most comfortable. The quilted option or the ribbed option. Thanks for your opinions.
  9. Triumph Bobber Forum General Discussion
  10. For Sale
    This is the Triumph-made quilted seat. Looks cool, and has a little extra padding compared to stock. I installed this once and took about two rides on it, but have ended up selling the Bobber, so here ‘tis. These cost $185 new, and this one is as close to new as you can get. Asking $100, plus...
  11. Appearance Modifications
    Hello All, I am in the market for a new seat for my Bobber does anyone have a seat from Alex Leather Craft? If so, did you go with the 22mm padding thickness? How does it compare to the stock seat in comfort? If you have a different brand, what did you get?
1-11 of 11 Results