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Black Betty
Bonneville Bobber Black
Black, duh
Stock except the prior owner added lowered footpegs.
Fell in love with the Bobbers when they first hit the market. Sold my '76 Bonny T140 and a boat to get the down payment for a house, the whole family thing back in the day. When I saw the Bobbers and the fact we were becoming empty nesters I told the wife I need to get back on two wheels. She hemmed and hawed, dangerous and what if's. I said when the kids are gone I'm getting another bike. She still hemmed and hawed. I said that wasn't a question, it was a statement. I did concede on the point of wearing a brain bucket regardless of state laws. The search was on. I had been looking a Trumpets on Craigslist and Cycle Trader so I had an idea of what I wanted, the Bobbers were so new that there was no way of pulling that. I figured a Speedy was the best I could afford for now. Then I saw an ad on Cycle Trader for a BB at a Harley dealership in Winchester VA, outside of DC. They were asking 2k less than anywhere I had ever seen. I was hesitant but the guys at work that I had been showing the bike to, riders all, said it's a great deal and about 2 weeks till Memorial Day. That was the nudge. I knew with all the riders coming in for Rolling Thunder there was no way that was gonna make it through that weekend. I went down on a weekday about a week and a half before Memorial day. Walked in and talked to a salesman about the bike. I had questions. What was a Trumpet doing at a Harley shop? Why did it only have 34 miles on it? Is it a turd? Turns out the prior owner fell in love with the Bobbers looks and had to have one. Since he was a valued customer at the dealership they said yes. He got it and rode it, loved it but it didn't fit. He was 6'3" and 280 lbs. They set the seat all the way back, put on the drop down foot pegs. No joy. The dealership just wanted out of it what they put into it. I asked for test ride. They said sure "Take it down the road. There is a Sheetz about 2 miles down. You can turn around there." I came back wit 56 miles on the odometer. I was in love. I asked how much good faith money do you need to hold her. The rest is history. No haggling I knew I had a **** of a deal.