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Lighting obsession.

This light fixture is perfect for those obsessed with motorcycle lighting and being seen if cost is no object. Two would light up far down the road, great specs.🦉

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Very nice!
I use Denali D4´s on my GSA and they literally turn night into day.
I´m sure the baja designs are even better specced, but i don´t think they strobe on demand like the denalis (correct me if i´m wrong).
The strobe is something that has saved me on numerous occasions and i would not replace it.

A stunning light and bookmarked for future reference. Thanks for sharing.
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Eisen, did you notice the price?

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The price doesn’t surprise me considering the laser chip tech they are using and taking into account the abuse some of the lights have to withstand, I would never put one on my bike if it they were “aliexpress” prices.

Obviously at this level, you know customer service and backup will be top notch.
I had an issue with my Denali setup (half the price of the Baja) and their service was amazing.
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Uhh,, Boy,,I'm skeptical! Not trying to tell anyone how to spend their money, but, Buyer Beware IMHO..

I'm no expert, but this seems to fall firmly into the "to good to be true" field of product, you know the ones, usually advertised as "this exclusive offer can be your's today only, for the low low, one time only price of $1000 each!" ?..

I think "Laser Light" is probably nothing more than a marketing ploy. Says right in the product info that its the "only LED driven at 100%". There seems to be some rather glaring (no pun intended) inconsistencies in their information, as well as some missing, or omitted information, like "chip" brand, or heat dissipation rates, Light wave length, and whether that color is measured in nM or K.

So, here's my 2 cents worth. They claim it's rated at 60w, but 2000 lumen=4 x 500 lumen, that's only roughly 5.5 w per chip, or 22w per 4 chip light. That doesn't add up, unless they are referring to a 60w incandescent comparison. except a 60W LED (single or multi chip) should produce a great deal more than 2000 lumen, like some where around 5200 lumen, depending on chip brand. If they are referring to Laser power I'm scared,,, laser is usually measured in mW's. I have a 5mW green laser that our cat won't even play with cause its way to bright.. 1W lasers are considered a burn hazard at anything less than 2 feet... A 60W laser would be carving a path to the center of the planet!!!

It appears to simply be an LED being (over?)driven at a level (100%!!?, but only 500 lumen per chip?), that probably isn't sustainable, although they did indicate something about only about 2000 (hours?) life expectancy, I'm guessing at the units as they aren't actually shown.

Soo, a 2000 hour light for a $1000, yikes!

Is this maybe an April fools leftover?
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A laser? “Do you expect me to talk?” “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!”
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