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Whining on deceleration

I'm a new rider on the Bobber Black with about 500 miles now. Just brought it in for its first service today. Is some higher pitch whining on deceleration/engine braking pretty normal? Just trying to get a feel for what sounds are normal.
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Probably these are normal sounds. Most whining sound comes from gearbox with 1th gear and less in 2nd gear. Easy to distinguish, very light throttle on/off will cut sound. Off course too tight chain will whine too. Also easy to check, just on high way speed pull clutch, if whining(clutch pulled) then chain too tight.
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I don't know how "normal" it is but mine with 350mi. on it whines like a tired goat.
The dealer told me ,after they tried it said it was normal.
On mine in 1st gear on decel at 20mph it starts whimpering then at 15mph you get the highest pitch whine.

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FWIW , I took notice of this while on my trip , and 2nd and 1st do whine if using engine braking in conjunction with the brakes to slow them down. Jim , I was thinking of you when I picked up on it , and mine has made that noise since day one. It isn't loud enough to concern me (or be heard by anyone not riding the bike) , and my buddy's Speedmaster does it as well.
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So my dealer said the noise I was hearing was normal. The other noise I was hearing was sort of a consistent chirping type rattle when I was riding coming from the front. I was told this was built up brake dust on the shoes and routers. They cleaned them and said it would have gone away. Not sure if anyone else has had that issue.
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Yes, it does whine and my impression is it comes from the primary drive. I would say it's not a surprise if you look at the tiny straight teeth gears in the primary drive:

But I'm immune to such things after I got used to riding an air cooled Kawasaki (ZR550B that practically uses a modified GPZ550 engine from the 80s). Rattling and clanking primary chain (engine to gearbox), noticeable camshaft chain, tickering valves. I've been expecting capital engine damage all the time, but it just runs and runs.

Believe me, the Bobber is QUIET in comparison to other bikes.

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Mine whines on engine breaking at low speed.
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