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Riding with a open face helmet

So we all know theyíre not the safest or the quietest but they are cool and go together with our bobbers like pie an mash etc
But if you donít sport a Fine ZZ top beard do you cover your face? or do you tuff it out like hank did in the film me myself & Irene?? :-)



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Some days it just isn't worth chewing through the restraints !!!!
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I can easily sympathize with those guys!

I prefer this one:


You can remove the visor if you like. The toned sun visor is hidden internally. Available also in scratched bronze and with several vintage motifs or completely without, if you prefer. Just google for "Nolan N21 scratched".

The helmet is very comfortable and draft free, but perfecty vented on the other hand. Maybe the quietest jet helmet, you will find. At least with closed visor!

Cheers girls!

Werner Wernersen
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I have this helmet in flat black. It is very comfortable, light and has good range of view.

I have found for wind noise, even with face shield, it's a bit noisy.

I also found that with the face shield UP (slow speed in neighborhood, etc), that integrated tinted visor directs air a bit behind the shield, drying out the peepers.

Lastly, the one I have is not vented at all, so you "self wash" your in really hot days.


I would def recommend the helmet for short to mid length rides, but not cross country or multiple day trips. And I do need to try it with the visor off rather than up to see if it fixes the wind behind the visor....

Oh, and if you have a thick chin/neck area like I do, it's a bit of a tight fit. I'm on the last couple of clicks....but I am also overweight...
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Hello Ladies - I prefer open face helmet , and, yes, beard does help! Sorry but couldn't help replying to this thread!
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I wear a Davida Speedster V3 and their JPV visor. Sure, when I'm on the Bobber I get six-legged insect projectiles impacting my lower face at all speeds, (Mr. Sulu), but I got used to that decades ago. Today I wear a head tube thingy pulled up a little over my chin.

Last year while in Holland, rode across the Afsluitdijk, and I was glad I had the screen on my Road King...

My mate on his "unprotected" Fat Bob was not amused...

Isn't it strange how the insects look different and somehow bigger and mutated from year to year?! Sometimes I see these "new" or unidentifyable bugs and think; "what the fugg is this?... I've never seen this before!.... Where the heck did you come from?

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I have a beard but always normally wear a neck warmer which I pull up over my mouth should I encounter a midge swarm!
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I have always worn full face helmets until getting my bobber but lucky for me I have amassed loads of neck tubes of all different thicknesses due to riding for many years inc cycling and mountain biking
I also have a few half masks of different Materials plus made a few steam punk type masks aswell ;-)

Iím also with mike the bike as in over the years with big arsed bug splats on your visor thinking what creature was that Jeez!!!

Once I have completed my headlight conversion Iím thinking of purchasing a biltwell chrome bubble visor with tilt hinge just to add to the array of goggles glasses already purchased due to owning a open face helmet !! ;-)
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Some days it just isn't worth chewing through the restraints !!!!
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Dear fellows,
Iím in deep trouble, I always used a full helmet (25+ years) and every time I wasnít able to stay with the bike (letís say it didnít do what I wanted) Knowing I am ofcourse the only one amongst us who had trouble like that, the front of my helmet got ****** up ( in fact glad having a full helmet with scratches AND teeth) .
Now my problem, I ordered a bobber-black, (I know thatís my mistake) but driving that with my standard helmet, although Color (where the word COLOR with a mat Black helmet is disputable) would look like ... you get it, so I guess I have to shift over to a jet helmet which I ofcourse dislike due to experience mentioned before. So I made sure my health insurance will pay for extensive re-corrections (I know pain is going to stay, insurance wonít pay that) and will be looking for a jet helmet, any reccomendations from your side? Apart from a jet helmet which by sensors notices my bike makes a mistake again, (never me of course) and automatically transfers to a full body airbag (or at least helmet)... though just thinking about it, about 25 years ago I was a bit too long in France, checked out the helmets of their police agents (**** good bike drivers by the way) looked a bit like Darthvader, and ofcourse without the automatic sensor driven part but... I guess quite safe

Thinking about Schubert (one way or the other try to keep to the brand) M1, Color, none, and mainly cause their integrated ďSoundsystemĒ (makes life easier if youíve got a navi), as said anybody a suggestion?
Cu, Lťon
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Full Face, Leon, Full Face
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Following an accident and a few other personal experiences, although i think an open face looks cool on a bobber, I'll stick to my full face arai (matt black of course) with a nice visor that flicks down, has a sun visor over the top and keeps wasps from becoming wedged between my head and the liner, after it stings 4 or 5 times, you sure get to know about it!
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