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Do you wear hi-viz gear?

Very interesting article about this subject.

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I have a neon yellow Aria helmet that I use on my BMWF650GS. I ride in the bush during hunting season.
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I wear hi Viz almost year round on my GSA.

Admittedly, Iím a lot more style conscious on my Bobber so choose not to wear hi viz gear. But thatís my decision & not cause of what others say or think.
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Literally never
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When I rode adventure bikes I wore hi-vis gear. Now I don't.

I do wear a white helmet. I thought about an Arai neon yellow but went with white instead because a white helmet is supposed to be better at dusk.
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My Bobber helmet is a all white Aria.
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I have 3 reflective strips on my Textile jacket, I don't think it's possible to actually find a motorcycle specific textile jacket without such strips somewhere on them these days.

I dont generally wear any kind of high vis on my 'its probably not going to rain wear', I have the equivalent of a 100W headlamp pointing down the road and if some a$$hat has issues seeing that then a 2 inch wide yellow strap over my shoulder and tucked away under my stomach is not going to make any difference!

Is it a fashion statement, i suppose it is, but lets extrapolate the question - how many car drivers will be willing to drive a fluorescent yellow car or a striking neon vivid green one to be 'more visible'?

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When I'm on my Tiger 800, I normally wear a neon yellow Nolan helmet and my Helite air bag vest, which is neon yellow and has some amazingly bright reflective tape on it. I wear the Helite
because in 2016 I got rear ended at a stop light and had my bike blown out from under me. Now granted, the hi-vis would have not helped in that particular situation, but I've learned that anything
I can do to increase visibility is a plus. I've even stuffed a pair of 10,000 Lumen LED bulbs in the Tiger, and believe me, people notice that. I even get high-beam flashed in broad daylight.

Now when I'm riding the Bobber or my Thruxton, I wear leather. I have both armored and non-armored Vanson jackets, and custom armored Vanson pants. I don't generally ride these bikes at night,
but I am much more aware when I do because without the Helite vest I feel somewhat more vulnerable. But the real reason for not wearing hi-vis is that I don't want to look like a dork riding a

Bobber or Thruxton in a bright yellow whale forskin suit.

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It definitely makes a difference at a distance, and when looking with a fixed gaze. Like for highway construction workers as you're cruising toward the worksite. But, I think there's something to be said for the fact that we see motion, then contrast, then color. It the quick moments where we're making turns, etc - and that it's supposed to help, I'm not sure color will do much. People either see a moving object turning against them or in the next lane - or they don't. I think having headlight/running lights makes a difference. Not so sure about color.
Just my ideas and observations, though, I have nothing to back them up. I'd love to see some scientific studies and not just anecdotal evidence.

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