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There are so many good beers now and so little time to enjoy them My local beer is Shepherd Neame who style themselves as Britain's oldest brewer. Known locally as "shits and screams" by people who have had a bad pint. One of our larger supermarkets carry some of their beers described a Kentish Ale which is pretty good and a very good Porter (like Guinness, but not as heavy)

Many moons ago I spent some time in the Midwest of the US. It was not good on the beer front. Pabst Blue Ribbon and Budweiser (or as we called it "buttwiper") Then one day we discovered a bar in another state that had crates of Theakstones Old Peculiar. For some unknown reason they were languishing on their shelves unwanted. We bought up the lot for peanuts. My American friends were not overly impressed, but my brothers and I were delighted. Nowadays there is a much better selection available in America, but this was nearly 40 years ago.

I quite like Suzanne's suggestion of Ceylon and Darjeeling (the Champagne of tea) However my favourite is a blend of Earl Gray and Assam.
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