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My favorite brew is __Cold_________?

It's prob easier for me to list the beers I don't like. I don't like Belgian Ales, Witbier, Bochs, Spiced Beers or wheat beer.

My favorites are Stouts and Porters. I am also a big fan of European Lager and Bitters having grown up in England (15 year old US kid in the pubs, yes sir!). In the US, we have had an explosion of craft breweries over the last few years...which explains my explosive weight gain.

In the chart you posted (Admin), Founders Porter is very tasty. Founders is one of my top 3 breweries (for bottle purchase at the stores). I don't like the Green Zebra though! To salty!

If anyone is on Untappd (social media beer app), hit me up, I'm muensterDeath on there to....
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