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Originally Posted by Tall Tree View Post
The bike before my bobber was a 12 Harley 48, bobber is better in all categories except automatic turn signal cancellation...I miss that.
the automatic turn signal cancellation on my sportster was nice, but it only works after making like a sharp turn - doesn't work for simple lane changing though. the thing that i never felt comfortable with (even after riding it for 10 years) was how harley's have each turn signal on the corresponding side of the handlebars. left turn signal is button on left, while the right turn signal is a button on the right. left was okay to activate, but the right was always felt awkward as you sort of had to release the throttle to push the button. also no cancellation button, so if you needed to turn the signal off you had to press the button a second time. so no real way of knowing if you've turned off the blinkers except having to take your eyes off the road and glance down at your instrument panel to check that they are off. don't know why harleys designed their signals this way (don't know if any other brand also has this.) but so glad the bobber is like most all bikes with the simple one-handed switch and push-in cancellation button. do love that cancellation button. i get paranoid that i may have my blinkers accidentally on while riding so periodically i find my self just pushing that button in as a habit for peace of mind that they aren't left on (great that its something you can do without taking eyes off road, etc.) i'm sure you've all seen the occasional car on the road/freeways that are driving with their blinkers constantly on. it's definitely not something you want to see with someone on a motorcycle, as it can be potentially dangerous, with others thinking you're changing lanes or turning when you aren't. sorry for the long post! didn't know i had so much to say about turn signals.

well, so back on main topic: my previous bike was a sportster 883 and i loved it. but going from that to the bobber is such a change. think mike the bike had a great analogy and summed it up nicely: the bobber does feel like an extension of my body - i feel one with the bike. he said his road king felt like a horse and carriage, so i can say that my sportster i guess felt like being on the back of a horse.

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