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Triumph versus Harley

After 4500 kilometres on my Triumph Bobber, and 52,000 km on my HD Road King, I'd like to contribute my personal short & straight comparison of the two, concerning the feel of the ride; for me the most important factor of motorcycling.
They're both like chalk & cheese of course, and I've had few Triumphs and Harleys in the past so I think the best way to describe the difference from my view is;

When I sit on and ride a Triumph, it's like becoming part of a single unit; being one with the machine; all controls feel like extensions of my limbs. Tight and responsive.

On a Harley I feel like I'm driving a horse and carriage with me being pulled by the horses while sitting in the carriage.

Both are great of course, just hugely different.

Anyone care to share their experiences in this particular comparison?


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