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This is a great subject matter, and I have enjoyed reading through this thread, for me its how do I like the bike to look, I wanted a modern but classic bike the Bobber offerd that, I can now do my tweaks and make it mine, but I agree some people can go over the top in there builds, but to them thats what they are looking to get out of the bike there vision, you cant fault or judge anyone on that, not any different from those people who get plastic surgery they looked better without it, but in there mind, they look better with it, and your left saying to yourself WHY would you do that, you were better looking before you went under the knife.

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Originally Posted by Chico View Post
jerrman, honesty is subjective. Even the Trumpster thinks he is "the most honest person in the world".

Yes but, of course, heís lying
(ok, no more politics)
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Letís be honest - thereís an awful lot of absolute howlers here as far as Ďmodsí are concerned here. But, you know, itís their money and skewed vision. Who am I to argue?
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That was overly harsh. I apologise.

Just had one of those days.

Everybodyís individual and I respect that.
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I'm almost embarrassed to say this, but the first time I saw a picture of the Triumph Bobber online it was before I'd ever ridden a true motorcycle (not counting my souped-up scooter) and before I'd taken the BRC to get my motorcycle license. My buddy had HIS license and was talking with me about getting my license so we could ride together. I ran across the promo picture of the standard and high bar Bobbers parked next to each other and I showed it to him. I remember saying, IF I get my license, then THIS is the bike I'm going to get, because I loved the look so much (this was before it was released, so I had no idea how well reviewed it would be). I still find myself saying 'I'm actually a BIKER!' to myself from time to time as I'm cruising down a twisty road, with a big ole smile on my face! I had no preconceived notions about what a "bobber" entailed, but I've learned a lot on this forum and I've absolutely enjoyed picking and choosing what changes I wanted to make to my bike for MY happiness. Sure it feels great when someone admires my bike. It definitely doesn't happen nearly as much as it does to others on this site (nowhere near every time I fuel up), but the joy of ownership for me has zero to do with kudos and everything to do with the feel of the ride and the view as I look back over my shoulder as I walk away from it.
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Each one matters.
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