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Electrical problem

Hi all just thought I would post about a problem I have with my bobber.It started a couple of weeks ago I called at local petrol station fuelled up then reset my trip and set off after a mile or so I noticed my trip wasn’t working still on 0 miles then my abs warning light came on followed by the spanner symbol then I lost indicators and brake light then it just cut out and wouldn’t start got relayed to dealer who said it showed no fault codes but thought it could have been the power cable to speedo wasn’t connected properly (had been replaced a couple of months ago under warranty) so anyhow all seemed good.The following week I filled up again reset trip and set off again the trip failed to work and fearing the worst I returned bike to dealer who’s going to contact the factory as they haven’t come across this before anyone else had any issues similar to these.

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Sorry to hear you're having trouble, but thanks for letting us know. Please keep us in the loop once you hear back from Triumph about it.

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Well, that's a new one. Definitely post when you find out the diagnosis. Hope it all works out as it should.
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Feel for you. They have really done a shabby job with the electrical system. Personally I feel it's sometimes due to water ingress as I have used mine in all weather's and had several issues. Good luck with it.
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Next step is a new loom, the electrics on mine have been awful.

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That sounds like a loose battery cable.
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Thatís why I got rid of my Speedmaster very similar issues , let me down in Europe and had to be recovered back to the UK .

Problems with the battery showing flat then starting , delays with it turning over on pressing the start switch and finally my indicators went on the day I was taking it into the dealer

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Hi all just a quick update the dealer changed the speedo hoping it would cure the problem which it unfortunately did not whilst on the lift the mechanic noticed oil leaking down the wiring harness over the regulator/rectifier which he seems to think is the problem in the mean time Iíve test rode a speed triple and am considering trading my bobber in
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Well the bobber needed a regulator/rectifier and a new alternator all sorted under warranty sadly I traded it in for a speed triple after they lent me one as a loan bike whilst mine was in for repair after two weeks on it I was hooked and they had a lovely 2018 speed triple s in with only 800 miles on so the deal was done anyhow enjoyed my time with the bobber just the last few issues I’ve had I lost faith in it

Cheers Andy
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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the update. Always sad when one looses faith in a bike but totally understandable.

Sounds like you got a great trade in and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I wish you all good things with this new bike.

Let's see a pic mate?


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