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Odd knock/jiggle/bang/wobble.....?

I’ve recently bought a 2018 plate Bobber Black and am loving it - except that I’m experiencing something that I think is a issue but would like the benefit of your collective knowledge to confirm.

I’m getting a distinct knock/wobbling/banging (really difficult to explain!) felt through the pegs particularly at low speeds (less than 10mph) round bumpy corners (i.e worse when leant over a little, rather than fully upright). It’s like there is something under the bike that is loose and moving about I bit under there.
Weirdly it almost feels like something is wobbling from side-to-side rather than up-and-down. When rolling along slowly, if I stamp hard on either of the pegs, I can feel something ‘wobbling/jiggling’.
It is not suspension knocking, chain slap, usual twin engine vibrations – I know what they all feel like.

Bike is standard with no modifications. I test rode a standard Bobber before getting this bike, it was 9 months ago and i don't remember feeling anything like this.

I’ve taken it to the local main Triumph dealer and got the “they all do that sir” answer. I just can’t believe triumph would design a component that would have movement in it that could be felt through the pegs….

Things that have been checked (by me and the dealer) – all suspension components, sprocket, tyres, wheels, end cans, battery, side stand, all visible nuts and bolts.

Could it be the catalytic converter moving about? I can see that it appears to be rubber mounted?

My main question for you guys is do any of you feel the same thing through the pegs? Is it a 'feature' of this bike. It just feels really unusual and it’s driving me a bit mad. This is my 14th bike in 25 years and I’ve never felt anything like it. May be in my mind, but I think it's getting worse particularly when the bike is hot - hence my thoughts on the catalyst.

Any help/thoughts hugely appreciated!!
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My thoughts while reading through was a loose cat or Xpipe. Then I saw all stock. The cat does weigh a bit and would be kinda unsprung weight if loose. But you tightened all that? And the frame nuts/bolts are all tight to specification?
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Yes, all frame nuts and bolts are tightened to spec.

It's a weird feeling. It doesn't feel like anything is necessarily going to fall off, just a movement/wobble of something underneath the bike (that I personally feel) shouldn't be there.

Do you get anything that sounds similar? Does anyone? Am I just being 'overly sensitive' - certainly never been accused of that before ...
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Triumph managed to engineer the old "Knock-Wobble-Bang" (followed by a pool of oil) out of their designs back in 1972, so there shouldn't be anything other than a bit of vibration through the pegs. What you're describing is certainly not a feature!

I agree with muensterDeath, it would be difficult for the stock cat to move as there's a post that inserts into a rubber grommet on one side, two bolts on the other, and four exhaust connections. Everything would have to be seriously loose for it to move around...and your exhausts would be noticeably blowing.

It could be one of the four exhaust clamps that grip the pipes onto the cat though, and it's easy to check if you lie flat on the floor.
Are the removable frame rail bolts torqued tight (also easy to check)?
How about the bolt securing each end can to the frame (it screws in from underneath)?
Also worth checking the frame brace in front of the engine.
Unlike the right side, the left hand exhaust system has a removable plate that bridges the header pipe and the tail pipe where they enter and exit the cat. It's a push fit into the header and a clamp secures it to the tail pipe. The clamp may be loose or may have fallen off completely.

I would have imagined that these are all obvious parts for your dealer to check though.

Hope it helps though, but let us know what it turns out to be!

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Just a thought.

When I first got mine, after about a month of riding if I remember right, mine started doing something, similar? Turns out it was rear wheel bearings.

The rear axle had been over torqued, presumably from the factory. I discovered it the first time I undid it to facilitate the short rear fender install. Took my 2 foot breaker bar with another 2 foot pipe on that to get it undone. It started doing what sounds like what you are describing I think, along with what I can only describe as a humming/grinding noise, shortly after reassembly. When the dealer got them out, they were very loose, side to side lash, and the hard surface had started to disintegrate.

Something to check maybe?
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I get something similar but feels limited to the pegs over bumps rather than cornering or under any other stress, so I had assumed as they are sprung this was possibly how they were supposed to feel but will give my bike a good check over.
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I've occasionally have a squidgy feeling through the pegs when pulling onto my drive, which involves a slow speed (walking pace and below) 90degree turn off a steep hill often past parked cars. It was a bit disconcerting a first but now I'm pretty certain it's just a combination of my boots and the super springy rubber in the foot pegs that I feel when coming off the back brake and shifting my weight on the pegs in the turn.

If that's what you're feeling, then I've got to agree with your dealer - they all do that sir!

A possible solution - fit solid pegs???
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Check the kickstand. It could be moving a little while in the up position.

Sounds like it is moving down with bumps and then maybe banging against its stop.
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Thanks guys,
There are some good ideas I hadn't considered in your replies.
The bike is due a good clean and going over this weekend, so I'll check everything
again and let you know what (if anything) I discover.
Thanks again - great forum this!
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I'm a complete noob and new here to the forum, but I read at Triumph Rat that they can run a little rough during the break-in miles, but then things will adjust themselves as the engine breaks in etc.
Could it be that which you may be feeling?
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