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Not started = click! Engine lights!

Hi all,

The last few times Iíve used my bike, when pressing the ignition the bike hasnít started and there has just been a click. Much like when a battery is flat, except my battery is 100% not flat. In the past I have simply pressed the ignition switch again and itís started. However today, it didnít seem to want to start after several presses. It just made a single click!

In addition... with just the ignition in the on position Iím pretty sure there are two warning lights on that I havenít noticed before. Namely the low oil pressure and MIL light.

Both go out when the bike finally starts.

As you can imagine Iím somewhat concerned and will of course get the bike back to the dealership. In the meantime if anyone can shed any light on the situation I would be grateful?
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I've heard it said that the MIL and oil pressure light come on if the battery voltage is low. You say the battery is ok but is it holding voltage under load? I had one that showed 12.7v but as soon as any load hit it then the voltage collapsed.

Or possibly a poor connection?

I should add that aren't the MIL and oil pressure lights meant to come on with the ignition and go out when started? I'm pretty sure mine do.
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Not sure if this helps Mike. This is my display before the bike fires up.
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Does sound like a loose connection or a faulty battery. Even though you might keep it on an optimate/battery conditioner - sometimes they go bad. Can you try hooking up a jump starter and seeing if it’ll fire up ?
My GSA would do the same (randomly) and I had to carry around an anti gravity portable jump starter until BMW kindly refused to give me a new battery under warranty after 3 weeks of battling with them. Once it was changed (at my expense!), everything worked perfectly again. Their diagnostic showed the OEM battery was fine. Needless to say, it wasn’t !!
Just saying that despite the battery showing 100%, it STILL might be faulty.
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Hi Mike

Hit the starter and get a click, the speedo arm sweeps and your trip counters and MPG reset?

Bad earth, had mine into the dealer 3 times, been clear of the issue for 900 miles now (trip 2 not reset yet so i know it's ok.....) they fixed it on the 3rd visit acting on 'advice from Triumph on the issue' - no more detail than that i'm afraid.

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Remember too , you have several "safety" features that come into play. Check the connections at both the side stand switch and the clutch lever switch. If either is loose , it can cause this too. But Start at the battery. #1 culprit for these types of issues is connections. That includes the ground to frame that is just behind the battery. Check all of those areas before hitting the panic button. An ohm meter is a big help in diagnosing these little issues.
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Hi all and thanks for all of the guidance.

Firstly its very reassuring for you to confirm that the oil pressure and MIL lights are meant to come with just the ignition on. I havenít used the bike for a couple of weeks so couldnít quite remember, and what with the bike not starting my mind obviously jumped to conclusions!

Not sure about the speedo and trip resetting Ethariel... Iíll have a look tomorrow. Iíll also run a systematic check of all connections etc.

As for the battery... it has been on a trickle charge for around 1 week. Itís the first time I have used the new charger but the issue was present prior to ever having used the charger so I assume thereís no correlation.

Iíll report back once Iíve managed to get to the bottom of it
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Batteries just go, sometimes at the least convenient time (e.g. like any time you want to ride . Doubt itís related to the charger though if you really meant a ďtrickleĒ charger (which I understand keeps charging even after battery is at 100%) as opposed to a smart Battery Tender (which goes to from full to float charge as the battery requires), it could be part of the problem. But, I suspect you know that and it was just a choice of words. Anyway, let us know what you find to be the source of the problem.
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The click is certainly symptomatic of the starter motor not getting the juice it needs. Battery is the obvious culprit, but if its good check the earthing and then all the connections that go on between battery, starter and earth.
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The only way to properly test a battery is with a "load" tester. If you don't have one, your friendly mechanic most likely does.

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