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Engine vibration


How much does your engine vibrates on 100-120kmh(65-75mph) cruising ?

I got my bobber black 3 weeks ago. All reviews say it's smooth engine, i can't say that, it vibrates like tractor on 100-120kmh with 5th or 6th gear, i can feel it from foot pegs and bars. Keeping in higher RPM has less vibrations than calm cruising.
I have 2800km on clock, first service done on 900km, nothing has changed.

Any opinions are welcome
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How much do you trust the dealer....did the top mechanic do your service or the 12 year old apprentice?

I'd be tempted to start looking at the engine mounting bolts, just a check they are not loose (my header nuts almost fell off as the healer didn't torque them down at 1st service)

The BC tips dont exactly vibrate but felt a bit thumpier than with the stand zoest on it
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I experience no intolerable vibration Or close to it..) at any speed or RPM.

Sorry to hear your experience. To the dealer you should go.
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The Bobber engine is relatively smooth. You should not be getting a vibration like that.

I had a vibration on a new BMW R1200GS. I felt it at 65 to 75 mph. At first I thought it was the engine. It turned out to be an unbalanced front wheel.

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My bike is also smooth at all rpm and speeds. Should definitely be looked at by the dealer...
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Mine has a reasonable amount of vibration under hard acceleration... canít honestly say if itís a normal amount or not?
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No vibration from mine. Thatís one thing that is most noticeable to me about this bike....the lack of engine vibrations. I would have the bike checked out for sure.
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I can't say I notice any real vibration at that speed. Certainly nothing compared to the '73 T120 I once owned anyway. There is an adjustment for the counterbalance shafts, but I would have thought if it was out you would notice at idle (either gear whine or clatter).
The throttle bodies need to be balanced as this can cause vibration. I think if it was me I would go back to the dealer and ask for a test ride of another bike. It doesn't need to be a Bobber since they all share the same engine. See if you notice the same level of vibration. If not get the dealer to test ride yours.
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I'm in the No-Vibrations club as well, so I'd recommend doing exactly what so many others have already mentioned...take it to the dealer for evaluation. Something isn't quite right.

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The bad thing is, i live in small country we don't such things as test rides.

The vibration was there when i got it, zero miles on it.
Even speedo indicator vibrates.
Engine does not have any distinguishable noises.

Two other things i notice:
1) Since 2k km gear deceleration has twice lower than it was at the beginning.
(May be related to brake in, initially engine has more friction)

2) Acceleration is liner to ca 5000 rpm, after that decreases.
Most noticeable on 2th gear acceleration.

But if you say cruising(not accelerating) 70 - 80 mph 5th 6th gear should be smooth, no vibration on foot pegs and speedo indicator doesn't vibrate, that all i need to know.

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